Vinylvårdskit (Båtdynor)

Vinylvårdskit (Båtdynor)


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This kit from LX contains everything you need to make your Vinyl and Plastic clean, beautiful and resistant to dirt & UVA/B rays.


- Vinyl & Plastic cleaning

- Vinyl conditioner Semi-Gloss

- Cleaning sponge

- 2 terry cloths

- Applicator (Microfiber)

Vinyl & Plastic cleaner

Vinyl & Plastic Cleaner is a powerful cleaning agent, and perhaps the best available on the market today.

Vinyl & Plastic cleaner penetrates deep into the pattern embossing and dissolves dirt, oils and greases that have built up. Another advantage is that the Vinyl & Plastic cleaning prevents "solidification" and "yellowing" without damaging the structure of the vinyl, it also works well on plastic windows.

Vinyl Conditioner

Vinyl Conditioner protects Vinyl & Plastic from cracking and premature aging by providing the essential oils and chemicals Vinyl & Plastic needs to be soft and supple.

LX Vinyl Conditioner is made from glycerines and the finest oils, and easily penetrates the surface of. It contains no silicones or "heavy" oils that can damage Vinyl & Plastic.

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